5 trends for the design of your home

In Aima Studio we understand the interior design as a discipline that allows us to improve your home so that it suits your needs and tastes. It is about making it functional, that it fits the style that you like the most and that you feel happy in your home.

Functional and technological homes

Fashions and social changes directly influence interior design, creating trends. The Covid 19 pandemic, with the period of confinement that it entailed, has made many people understand the importance of feeling fully comfortable in their own home, something decisive in the trends of interior design in Madrid that prevail today. Let's look at five of them:

  • work spaces at home

It was an upward trend that has increased due to the circumstances of the last two years. He telecommuting It is a reality that is here to stay and that means that many people have considered the need to have comfortable spaces where they can work at home. Count on ergonomic furniture, desks with enough space, filing cabinets or spaces in which to store both papers and equipment, and natural light are some of the basic criteria.

Maybe you are lucky enough to have a room where you can place an office. But in many cases this will have to be integrated into the living room or even into the room and ideally it should be an independent space, but at the same time that it adapts to the rest of the decoration. They can also be multipurpose spaces, with folding tables that can be hidden to leave free space in the room that has other uses.

  • technology at home

Technology is directly linked to the world of interior design, both in terms of equipment and materials. After all, the main function of both is to try to make our lives easier. From the home automation that allows us to control the heating, manage water efficiently or have automatic systems for blinds or awnings...

Thanks to LED technology, we can use light to define spaces. going through the leisure equipment generally connected to the internet, etc. Technological needs are increasingly present in the world of interior design.

  • Sustainability and well-being

Taking care of the planet and the fight against climate change is something that concerns more and more people and that also has a direct reflection on the design of homes. Sustainability is reflected in a search for efficient use of space that allows its best use. But also in energy efficiency that seeks surfaces that help increase the use of natural light. And in the use of materials with low environmental impact, in the reduction of waste and in the durability of the designs.

Renewable energy sources are also incorporated into homes, such as the installation of solar panels. And more ecological air conditioning systems, such as aerothermal energy.

Well-being in our homes has also been prioritized and materials and finishes have been sought that reduce the content of toxic elements. Therefore, there is a greater tendency to use natural materials in the finishes.

  • Combination of the exterior with the interior

If you are one of the lucky ones who can enjoy a garden, patio or even a terrace, you will have realized how valuable they are to maintain a healthy lifestyle. We increasingly value the importance of having comfortable and harmonious spaces that allow us to be outdoors. Being in contact with nature provides us with a state of well-being and serenity.

But even in the absence of a garden or patio, the tendency is to try to nature into the home through the use of ranges of green, natural materials such as wood and even the introduction of plants.

  • The use of different textures

All the trends we are seeing are related to each other. Currently the trend is natural, clear and bright elements. And as we mentioned in the previous point, include elements of nature in the home itself, such as plants or even nature drawings on wallpapers, fabrics or prints. You can even choose to include green tones complemented with wood finishes to recreate natural tones.

The ideal is to personalize your home to your tastes and for this you can achieve it by incorporating different textures, whether in tiling, wallpaper, fabrics or coverings. These textures can be in the same tone as in the rest of the house or in some color to give it a point of contrast.

A current trend in coatings is natural mortars, such as lime mortar or clay mortar, which can be given with a smooth or rough finish. They provide texture but it is and they have a neutral off-white color giving a bright and natural appearance to the walls.

One of the possibilities offered by technology is also to create faux finishes through 3D printing.

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