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Apartment V

Integral reform of interiors and decoration in Madrid

Project and comprehensive reform including interiors and decoration in an apartment in the center of Madrid.

The objective of the project was to adapt the house to the needs and taste of the owner, V. The main idea was to give it a current, modern touch with its own personality through the creation of open, diaphanous, united spaces full of contrasts, textures and elements. special carpentry, furniture and decoration. The main actions were to expand his bedroom and provide it with a dressing room, joining the space of the other existing bedroom and incorporating new finishes, flooring, coverings, lighting, doors and new furniture throughout the house.

The finishes on floors and walls are different in the day area, living room-dining room-kitchen and in the night area, bedroom-dressing room, creating different environments for more public use and for more private use within the same overall image throughout. the House.

For the day area, more vivid and strong colors were chosen, creating contrasts with dark colors, between blues, blacks and greys, in ceramic finishes, lacquered wood and wallpaper with a touch of natural wood, for an area where meetings will be held. of the house, meals, social life and moments of leisure and recreation.

Neutral colors were chosen for the night area, seeking a more serene and welcoming image, playing with grey, white and black, in natural wood, lacquered wood and wallpaper finishes. In this area the presence of wood is greater, creating a more welcoming and private atmosphere than in the living-dining area.

Throughout the house, it is full of textures and contrasts between strong and light colors, with special elements such as the interior doors in black metal profiles with fluted translucent glass or the kitchen island that has a ceramic mosaic and a wooden structure to measure for the wine cellar.

The owner likes the industrial style that has been included in certain elements such as the metal and glass interior doors or the gray flooring in the living room-kitchen, mixing with warm elements such as wood and more decorative elements such as wallpaper.

In the living-dining room-kitchen, the spaces are united, with the same large-format gray ceramic flooring with a microcement effect, and separated only by the central island where the main areas of the kitchen are located, ceramic hob, sink and worktop.

The kitchen cabinets are made in blue combined with touches of wood to provide warmth between the neutral and cold tones of blue. The island is made up of a front made of gray ceramic mosaic with a wooden structure for the wine cellar and the black countertop that continues on the sides to give continuity and presence to the island, the protagonist of the room.

On the white walls, blue wallpaper is incorporated in the living room, also with geometric golden touches, adding textures and colors in the same range on the walls.

In the distributor or areas of passage, the doors are incorporated in black metal profiles and ribbed glass that allow the passage of light and visually enlarge the rooms.

In the night area, the bedroom, which already had an en-suite bathroom, is separated from the dressing area and the access space where the reading corner and access to the bathroom are, by means of wooden slats so that they are visually connected. and the room is perceived as open and broader even though it has different areas and uses.

The flooring is made of natural wood, as is part of the structure of the dressing room, in slats and shelves, giving a more welcoming aspect to the private area. The rest of the dressing room is white and is divided into an area of high and low cabinets that are placed under wooden slats as a separation. These slats include the TV support integrating all the elements.

In the bedroom, the owner had black furniture and gray wallpaper on the headboard wall. By expanding the bedroom and incorporating a dressing room, we tried to provide the bedroom with more light with light colors.

In the living room, the decoration project was carried out with furniture chosen especially for this room, made up of pieces finished in wood and black in the TV cabinet and tables, and in gray colors in the sofa and armchair. All chosen in design of simple and pure lines according to the style of the house.