What is interior design?

From Aima, an architecture studio in Madrid, we would love to answer this question and clarify your doubts. Because we all know the word and even use it in our daily lives, but very few people really understand what interior design encompasses or confuse it with other related disciplines.

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Biophilic design: the relationship between architecture and nature

Biophilic design has been increasing in popularity in recent years in response to the need to build buildings that are healthier and more sustainable for their occupants. In this article, we will explore the key aspects of this relationship between architecture and nature, and how this type of design can improve the quality of life.

reforma tu chalet con éxito

Keys to reform your chalet successfully

Has the time come to renovate your chalet and you don't know where to start? We are Aima, an architecture studio in Madrid, specialists in reforming chalets in the capital and its surroundings, and we bring you the keys to make your chalet reform a success. Whether it is going to be comprehensive

Cómo usar los colores en los espacios interiores

How to use colors in interior spaces

At Aima Estudio, we carry out many comprehensive reforms in Madrid, always looking to get the best out of the space while enhancing the uniqueness of our clients. A creative and strategic use of color helps us achieve both objectives. And it is that the use of colors in interior spaces, for an interior designer, is something

Tendencias de diseño de interiores para el 2023

Interior design trends for 2023

With the arrival of the new year, we always start thinking about new projects. Projects that imply changes in the lifestyle and in our homes. At Aima, an architecture studio in Madrid, we want to make it easy for you, once again, by showing you the interior design trends that will reign in 2023.

tabiques de vidrio en espacios interiores

Glass partitions have come to stay

Glass partitions are a resource that at Aima, an architecture studio in Madrid, we love to use for all the advantages and possibilities it offers. The main use of glass in the walls has been gaining more and more importance in recent years. It is currently one of the most demanded trends in interior design.

revalorización de lo artesanal

Revaluation of the craft

When redecorating a flat, one of the most personal and effective decorative interventions is the incorporation of handcrafted objects. In interior design, working with handcrafted elements such as macramé, wicker, wood, ceramics, fabrics, etc. They multiply the decorative possibilities due to their unlimited designs and their careful workmanship.


Bioclimatic architecture

As an architecture studio in Madrid, with a team specialized in interior design in Madrid, at Aima Estudio we are increasingly aware of the sustainability of our projects. Caring for the environment goes through the search for the use of sustainable materials and energy savings. And these are the main ones

diseño sensorial AIMA estudio

What is sensory design

As an architecture and interior design studio, at AIMA Estudio we like to create unique, warm and contemporary spaces that convey emotions. In this sense, we feel close to the new currents of sensory design. And it is that, the world of interior design does not stop evolving and looking for new ways to surprise


Types of windows and bay windows

As an architecture and interior design studio in Madrid, one of the most common reforms that we undertake from Aima Estudio in houses and premises is the change of windows and large windows. It is easy that at some point we will be forced to replace our old windows. Today's offer is so varied that


How to design the facades of the premises

Aima Estudio is an architecture and interior design studio specialized in designing spaces paying attention to detail, which is what makes the difference. We are experts in designing unique spaces with their own personality, something that is reflected both inside and on the façade of each of our projects. Forks


How to give a different air to your bathroom

As specialists in bathroom and interior design, at Aima Estudio we are very clear that the bathroom is one of the rooms in the house that must combine functionality and style. It is an intimate space that should promote not only cleanliness but also relaxation. The aim of our study is to help


How to approach the reform of your premises

At Aima Estudio we are specialists in the reform of commercial premises. We like to create fully personalized spaces designed exclusively from start to finish. In our study we are interested in the history of your business to create a space that transmits the sensations and philosophy of your business or idea so that


Mistakes to avoid in restaurant design

At the architecture and interior design studio Aima Estudio we are specialists in restaurant design. For some people, customizing their restaurant design can be a slow and arduous process. but, it must be considered that it is a very profitable process because, if it is done well, it will attract a greater number of


Why choose custom furniture

One of the keys to ensuring that clients who work with our interior design and decoration studio feel satisfied is that we have not lost enthusiasm for tackling each new project. At Aima we are passionate about the ability to design each space in a personal and unique way, making it more functional and pleasant for


How to propose the reform of a house

As specialists in interior and exterior reforms, at Aima Estudio we know that deciding to undertake the reform of a home is not easy. However, although it may seem like a chaotic process, order always ends up appearing and, without a doubt, the investment in time and money is worth it when you see the results.


Wallpapers: a rising trend

At the design and architecture studio Aima Estudio we create personalized spaces combining the latest trends, the needs and tastes of our clients. Wallpapers are one of the trends that arrived a few years ago and not in an ephemeral way, but to stay. The truth is that technology has allowed a

como decorar la terraza de tu restaurante

How to decorate the terrace of your restaurant this summer

If in Spain we have always liked terraces, especially to eat or have a drink, since the Covid-19 pandemic began much more. For this reason, from the architecture and interior design studio of Aima Estudio we want to give you some keys so that you can decorate the terrace of your restaurant. These tips will help you differentiate


Ideas to have a very stylish garden

At Aima Estudio we love working on the design of homes with gardens. Summer, especially now that it's so hot, is the perfect time to spend more time outdoors. To do this, you have to spend some time thinking about the best way to design, decorate, furnish and organize the different elements.


5 trends for the design of your home

At Aima Estudio we understand interior design as a discipline that allows us to improve your home so that it suits your needs and tastes. It is about making it functional, that it fits the style that you like the most and that you feel happy in your home.

gestor de projectos

project manager

At the architecture studio in Madrid, Aima Estudio, we are specialized in interior design and architecture. We love complex projects such as comprehensive reforms in which many different jobs have to be carried out. But it is true that in this type of services, since the collaboration of various professionals is essential

reforma chalet Madrid Aima Estudio

Reform your chalet to make it more sustainable

The reform of your villa in Madrid, or anywhere else, is synonymous with decision-making. Choosing the color palette, the furniture, the materials... and, already involved in reforms, many people opt for incorporating sustainable solutions in the domestic sphere. Now we give more importance to the need to live in equal spaces

jardin vertical en terraza_aima estudio

Vertical garden, a piece of nature for your home

At Aima Estudio we always insist on exploiting the possibilities offered by each space, no matter how unusual they may be. And it is that, the use of space and light, as well as the search for optimal decorative solutions are basic issues that add a plus to the design of your home.

Reformar vivienda unifamiliar_AIMA Estudio

Keys to expanding a single-family home successfully

Expanding a single-family home is an excellent alternative for those who demand more space in their home, but still enjoy their chalet and are reluctant to move to a larger one. Reforming instead of buying means a real saving of time and money, and best of all, an opportunity to give a change to your


6 ideas to have a pool in a small patio

In our architecture studio in Madrid we have met many people who think that to include a swimming pool in their renovation project they must have a large piece of land, but nothing is further from the truth. Small pools have a special charm. And it is that, they are capable of giving life to

Estudio de arquitectura Madrid-AIMA Estudio

Open and connected spaces

Architecture and design evolve with the times. It is something that we know well as an architecture studio in Madrid. Each era has its trends that are related not only to people's tastes but also to their ways of life. In the past, families were larger than now, which made it

La comodidad de las reformas integrales llave en mano en Madrid

The comfort of comprehensive turnkey reforms in Madrid

More and more people are betting on comprehensive housing reforms in Madrid, both in their flats and in their workplaces. At Aima Estudio we know that in the capital there are many old-built apartments that can be improved by optimizing the spaces and adapting them to the new concepts of the

AIMA-estudio-guia para reformar tu cocina

Quick guide to reform your kitchen

If you are thinking of carrying out a home renovation in Madrid, the kitchen will be the main room, since it is one of the places in the house where we spend the most time. It is a space where you not only cook, but also talk and share family moments. By


The recipe for success to reform your apartment in Madrid

When we consider carrying out a comprehensive reform or an important change in the interior design of our house, it can be for various reasons, you may have acquired an old home, in poor condition or it is possible that you no longer like your house, you do not feel in your home completely or does not meet your needs. reform your


How to convert a local into a home or loft in 5 steps

The change of use from premises to housing is a possible, profitable option and offers many advantages. The price of the premises is usually lower than that of the house and if an adequate reform is carried out following the steps for its transformation into a house, it has many possibilities since it can become a house


How to apply for an opening license and not die trying

Requesting a license to open our business can become a nightmare... And if not, tell the thousands of business owners who still do not have a license or, worse still, have permanent problems with it. But do not be discouraged, following some simple and basic tips we can do


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