Diseño de espacios comercial en cafetería Kremma Madrid

Kremma Cafeteria & Bakery – A modern, bright and welcoming cafeteria and pastry shop

Rivas VaciaMadrid | Year 2019

Our clients of Kremma Coffee & Bakery, hospitality experts from Rivas-Vaciamadrid, wanted to make a new project of renovations of commercial premises in accordance with its specialty: a pastry shop and cafeteria where you can offer your cakes made in your own workshop.

The project started from a completely raw and newly built premises, so we take care of everything, from the preparation of the technical project (facilities, adaptation to municipal regulations, etc.), to the management of the planning license and work project with decoration.

In this case, we also create the brand image, logo and branding.

In this comprehensive reform in Madrid, we decided to create a space prioritizing light and comfort, always integrating the brand and branding elements created.

These colors were chosen looking for a happy and relaxed environment for a young audience and families. Graphic design elements are integrated into the project to bring coherence to the whole.

We kept the original brick walls and painted them white to give texture and light., to which we add a wallpaper with a design created by us in the bright corporate colors.

Finally, we select furniture and personalize it in the same tones through paintings and upholstery.. We always take into account the durability and quality of materials and furniture for public uses.

The highlight of the space is the bar area, with a wooden paneling in two colors, on which hangs a metal locksmith ceiling of its own design that frames the counter and provides a unique and unmistakable touch to the premises.