How has the covid changed the concept of home?

The global pandemic that we are experiencing has forced us to spend a lot of time at home. After the long months of quarantine, there are many things that have changed in our way of inhabiting our homes. The confinement has given rise to new needs in homes and we have prioritized elements that previously went unnoticed in our lives. In our study, we have been able to perceive how the demands and needs of our clients have changed in the home design.

Covid has taught us the importance of feeling comfortable at home and making it our refuge. A welcoming place adapted to our needs where we can carry out any type of activity. It is an opportunity to improve our homes by getting the best out of them.

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What has the Covid meant in our homes?

The Coronavirus crisis has caused us to spend a lot of time at home, the curfew, the preventive measures and many businesses closed, have forced us to change our homes and adapt them to the well-known "new normal" creating different needs in people, both functional and psychological.

One of the main changes has been teleworking, which has become part of our lives and it seems that it is going to stay for a while. Many of us have had to turn our home into a workplace, creating an office space. Another space that adds to the new needs at home is the gym. The constant closures and changes in business hours have caused us to choose to do sports at home, and for this, we have had to adapt a room as a gym.

On the other hand, the hall has become very important, it has become a key place in homes. This space has been filled with hydroalcoholic gel, masks and disinfection products; and in many cases, it is the new place to leave your shoes when you get home.

Qué necesidades debe cubrir nuestra vivienda
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What needs should our home cover?

As you can see, homes are changing to adapt to our needs and achieve a cozy and useful home where we feel comfortable and comfortable. So many hours at home can tire us out and affect us psychologically.

For this, it is important to take into account several factors if you want to reform your home in Madrid, for example distribute the rooms in a more diaphanous way, gaining space and making them larger; using light colors such as white to avoid loading the environment or reducing the number of furniture so that the spaces are clearer, allowing a greater flow of natural light and ventilation. In this way, we can get to feel more comfortable and calm in our home.

On the other hand, especially in small houses, we have noticed that multipurpose spaces have gained importance, in short, rooms that are used for various purposes, for example, a room that is useful for teleworking, playing sports or as a games room for children. Thus, in the same space, with few changes, we can develop different activities. In addition, as social gatherings have passed into the background, the living room has become a space in which to integrate some of these activities.

Importance of natural light when spending a lot of time at home

If you go to reform your apartment in Madrid, we must give importance to natural light, spending a lot of time locked up can affect our mood, and for this reason, it is vital that natural light enters the spaces, at least in those where we spend more hours. Clearing the windows or placing light curtains helps to illuminate the spaces and let the light enter uninterrupted.

Light colors also increase lightness, give a feeling of space and create a place that inspires tranquility, which is a relief when we spend many hours at home. Another element to take into account is easy cleaning, since now we have to clean and disinfect the house more frequently, we can resort to elements and utensils that do it for us, so as not to waste a lot of time and to be able to enjoy our home.

Finally, we cannot forget about natural ventilation to prevent air from concentrating; If you do not have the option of opening windows in some rooms, there is the option of air purifiers, which are very comfortable and useful.

Qué ha supuesto el Covid en nuestras viviendas
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Outdoor spaces, essential to breathe

The possibility of an outdoor space has become the most precious asset in the last year. Homes with a terrace or garden are the most in demand, the option of being able to go outside when we cannot leave the house, has become essential to disconnect, recharge our batteries and make the days less heavy during the pandemic months.

From our experience and continuous contact with clients, we have been able to observe that more and more people are looking for houses with outdoor spaces or improving the ones they already have to make them more welcoming and functional. In the case of not having a garden or terrace, we recommend that you resort to plants and vegetation, with which you will make the spaces in your home fresher and more pleasant, causing a feeling of well-being and tranquility without having to go out outdoor.

How to create cozy corners in your home

The main thing to feel good at home is to make it a cozy place, where peace and tranquility reign. To achieve this, cWe consider that decoration is very important, the colors we use and how we organize spaces. To feel comfortable at home it is essential to create a useful home, with spaces prepared to carry out the necessary activities in our day to day. In some cases, when the houses are not very big, we believe that multifunctional spaces are a perfect solution. Thus, you can have a room that serves several functions.

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 Recommendations to make your home more welcoming

We propose some recommendations to make your home more welcoming and pleasant. When we spend many hours in a space, it is important not to abuse the decoration so that it does not saturate us and we can feel the sensation of well-being.

On the other hand, the connected rooms that give spaciousness and light, are an option to take into account, since open and clear spaces always transmit tranquility. To enhance the feeling of open and connected space, you should also avoid dark colors and use comfortable and useful furniture, especially in spaces that now have more use and traffic, such as the living room and play areas.

In the studio we always look for the spaces to be comfortable and adapted to the activities that are going to be carried out in them. Finally, another space that has gained importance is the kitchen. During the pandemic, many of us have dedicated our time to cooking, and because of this, people are increasingly looking for larger and more functional kitchens.

From Aima estudio, we want to record the importance of following certain guidelines and criteria to make a home a welcoming place, where well-being prevails and we feel comfortable. Whenever we develop a housing project, We take into account all these elements and new requests from people to achieve the best version of the spaces and that our clients have a home adapted to their needs and personality.

With the pandemic, in general, larger and more open rooms are sought, a solution that we really like for the more public rooms of a home, but from our architecture studio in Madrid We also believe that a home, in order to be functional, must also have separate spaces, to be able to isolate oneself, if necessary, and to maintain privacy and intimacy. Also, we have verified how people seek the benefits provided by outdoor rooms, even if they are small.

It is true that confinement has changed our concept of home and now we value more certain rooms and spaces that previously went unnoticed.

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