Tips and tricks to make your house look bigger

If you want to visually gain a few meters at home, pay attention to the ideas and advice that we bring you.

There are two ways to carry it out, we can do it through a good decoration or carrying out a reform, with more or less interventions. With the first option, it is enough that you include small details, while if you launch into a renovation of your home in Madrid, we assure you from our experience, that you will have a much more spacious and bright home… What are you waiting for?

We teach you several tricks of him home design that will give you the possibility of converting certain spaces, a priori small, into open spaces and that give a greater sensation of spaciousness. You will love it!

Decora tu casa con elementos que ayuden a hacerla más amplia
Design project and integral reform of an apartment in Vicálvaro


Color palettes that will help any space appear larger

When approaching a project, we take into account the use of color to achieve greater breadth. If you want to achieve greater breadth, you can do it by using color strategically. We tell you our tips.

Spaces where white predominates tend to appear larger and more diaphanous. Therefore, if what you are looking for is for your house to gain meters (even if only visually), we recommend that you use white and other light tones as a base. With small details, we assure you that you will achieve great results.

Another option is apply pastel colors to the furniture that is the protagonist of the space. These colors work very well on large pieces. In this way, we achieve a feeling of a spacious and light room.

Another element that we can use is to introduce light colors on walls, doors and baseboards. Thus, we will achieve a balanced, wide and dilated space.

Finally, we must replace patterns with uniform colors, to avoid crowded spaces. Although we love patterns and use them often, but for small spaces they are not the best option.

Estos elementos ayudarán a ampliar los espacios de tu casa
Project and integral reform of housing in the tables


Redistribute the order of your house to achieve visually larger spaces

To enhance the feeling of spaciousness in a home, Another element to take into account is the aesthetics of the furniture that we place and how we distribute it. Follow our recommendations.

Furniture with simple and light designs bring spaciousness to spaces. Therefore, if you are thinking of reform your apartment in Madrid, the minimalist design, will help you achieve that effect.

try place the furniture strategically so that it does not interrupt the spaces and is as diaphanous as possible, leaving the central spaces clear.

Use little ornate furniture, the results are surprising. especially the
furniture with smooth fronts.

Finally, we recommend that the furniture have a proportionate size to the space.


These elements will help to expand the spaces of your house

In many of our projects we incorporate mirrors. We recommend it as a perfect and simple solution to expand small rooms.

We also love introducing greenery and plants into small spaces to connect with nature and feel the feeling of being outside.

Other elements that help to achieve greater spaciousness are the light and translucent textures both in the upholstery of the furniture and in the curtains or blinds, or in other decorative details.

Redistribuye el mobiliario de tu casa para conseguir espacios visualmente más grandes
Design project and integral reform of an apartment in Vicálvaro


These architectural elements will help make your space visually much larger

Sliding doors help save space because when they are opened they are collected inside the wall and do not need an opening angle. In addition, they serve to connect spaces and gain amplitude.

We love the option of using glass partitions and we use it a lot because we get connected spaces, but with different atmospheres.

At Aima Studio, we create custom furniture in our projects because they help to gain space, especially furniture and built-in pieces.

In the works we carry out we try open as many windows as possible. By increasing the sources of natural light, we make the rooms appear more spacious.

A bright space will always seem bigger, so we have to let in the maximum amount of light.

Cómo conseguir que tu casa parezca más grande visualmente
Project and integral reform of housing in the tables

Through interior design and architecture, any space can be turned into its best version. For this, it is best to contact professionals. From our team architecture studio in Madrid Aima estudio, we will help you to get the best possibilities for your homes and rooms.

We seek to optimize spaces by personalizing them and always advising the best for each project.

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