Diseño de espacios comercial en clínica Novae Madrid

Clínica Novae – Serene and bright colors in spaces for well-being

Mendez Alvaro, Madrid | Year 2016

"Nova" from the Latin new, is a star that suddenly appears in the sky with a sudden brightness. This is how the idea for the design of the “Novae” clinic came to us in this project of commercial premises reform.

Located between Estrella Naos and Estrella Denébola streets, and with the name chosen by the owner, Novae, inspired by the stars, this clinic could not fail to include a reference to the stars and constellations in its design.

After a thorough study of needs and spaces, we launched into design a place in which the user's comfort and the sensation of calm that could be transmitted was the priority.

In "Novae" you are going to take care of yourself and be taken care of and we try to capture that through the small details that we have made in this comprehensive reform in Madrid.

From natural materials such as wood to the use of light tones in contrast to blue tones, everything combines to create a harmonious and relaxing space.

In its two Pilates rooms, we made reference to the original idea, on the one hand, designing a paper made up of constellations and, on the other, wooden structures in two colors, with adjustable indirect light as "stars" in the sky.

In the reception space, a wooden mural stands out, uniting the same symbology and welcoming you to the well-being experience.