Estymed Aesthetic Medicine Clinic

Lots of light, energy and touches of color in a renovated space for relaxation and well-being

This project of commercial premises reform consisted of doing a new image design, reform and decoration of the premises of the Estymed aesthetic medicine clinics in Palencia, Alicante, Gandía, Algeciras and Granada. The new Estymed brand I needed a design that conveyed the energy and enthusiasm of the new project and we wanted to reflect their company philosophy in the new spaces. To do this, we designed a new image full of light and touches of color that spread vitality, while creating an atmosphere of relaxation and well-being, where customers could feel cared for and relaxed, the main objective of the owners. We also incorporate vertical gardens to give it a fresh and natural air, also making reference to the brand's services and products. The lighting, taken care of at all times, helps to provide the warmth that the premises need and to highlight important elements of the design. We have designed the first 5 stores of the Estymed brand, a brand that continues to grow day by day. In the first stores, certain pre-existing elements had to be adapted and incorporated, which were modified in order to provide them with the characteristics of the new image. Designs are currently being made without previous elements, creating a powerful and unique image that defines them. We carry out the image design of the brand's stores, several interior design projects for stores in various provinces, and the Integral reform and decoration of the clinic in Palencia.