How to decorate the terrace of your restaurant this summer

If in Spain we have always liked terraces, especially to eat or have a drink, since the Covid-19 pandemic began much more. Therefore, from the architecture and interior design studio of Aima Studio We want to give you some keys so that you can decorate the terrace of your restaurant. These tips will help you to differentiate your place, giving it a special area and providing extra comfort to your clientele. Not in vain are we specialists in the creation of restoration projects focused on comfortable, beautiful and attractive spaces, in which the client can fully enjoy the experience thanks to the best restaurant design.

Comfort and style must go hand in hand in the design of the terrace

In the first place, it is worth pointing out that the terraces have to follow the corresponding municipal regulations issued by the municipalities. For this reason, it is necessary to stick to those elements that are allowed, not only in terms of decoration, but also the space to be occupied (the regulations of each municipality will determine the space available to be occupied on each type of sidewalk or what distance we have to leave the furniture street, pedestrian crossings, etc.) or opening hours.

There are a series of elements that are essential on the terrace of any restaurant and that must be taken into account reforms of commercial premises. A basic are the chairs and tablesThese can be made of various materials, from aluminum or stainless steel, to wood or even plastic. In this sense, it is important that you make the choice based on the comfort as well as style that you want to give to the terrace. It can be more formal, with sober and uniform colors, or more casual, for example, placing wooden or wicker seats with colored cushions. If you are looking for something more comfortable or in a chill out style, you can opt for long benches with upholstered seats and backs, which will provide comfort and add a touch of colour.

The style will always depend on the environment you want to create, with high or low tables and even poufs, depending on your business.

Another outstanding aspect that has a functional and decorative part is the lighting, being a very important element of the design. You can incorporate indirect lighting to create a warmer and more welcoming atmosphere, or if you want to create a different atmosphere you can opt for backlit furniture or decorative elements. In general, it is recommended to use dim lights in warm colors that are reminiscent of natural light and at the same time allow an intimate and relaxed atmosphere to be set up. Although today, LED lights allow us to play with many different tones and environments, we can regulate their color and intensity depending on the time of day in which we find ourselves.

decorar terraza restaurante verano con aima estudio arquitectura

The decoration is a factor that will help you differentiate yourself

Another essential in the design of terraces for restaurants is to have elements that provide shade and that help to cool the terrace. It is about seeking the comfort of the client so that he feels at ease. High temperatures are usually one of the problems with terraces in the summer months, so install umbrellas or pergolas with natural vegetation That it provides shade and refreshes the environment at the same time that it decorates, it is essential.

In addition, the elements of vegetation, whether natural or artificial, will always bring freshness to the terrace. You can place it in decorative planters on the ground or hanging if you have a pergola-type element. Finding ourselves in a place with vegetation always greatly promotes the feeling of well-being.

You can also integrate into your terrace, especially if you are in an area where it is very hot, elements that help reduce the temperature such as mist fans.

You should not lose sight of the fact that your terrace has to be comfortable, cozy and also spacious so that your customers feel comfortable. The decoration must be a differentiating plus, so it is important that before choosing it you consider what style is what you want to give. Perhaps this is the aspect that implies a greater degree of freedom and originality.

You must take care of all the details, making sure that no element is disturbing either for customers or for the staff who have to attend to the terrace. There are many customers who decide to enter a certain place because its outdoor terrace catches their attention.

In Aima Studio We are specialists in restaurants, cafeterias and restoration projects in general. In our architecture studio in Madrid We like to create spaces that attract the public and are places to enjoy. We want the client to feel at home! Therefore, if you have an idea about how you want to renovate the terrace of your restaurant, we encourage you to contact us so that we can help you make it a reality.

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