How to design the facades of the premises

Aima Studio we are a architecture and interior design studio specialists in designing spaces paying attention to detail, which is what makes the difference. We are experts in designing unique spaces with their own personality, something that is reflected both in the interior and in the facade of each of our projects.

And it is that, without a doubt, the façade is an element that achieves differentiate a business or local and at the same time convey a message. If we were to draw a parallel with a person, the interior design of the premises could be the suit, while the façade would be the face. It is the first impact that the client receives and, it is already known that we only have a few seconds to make a good first impression. The appearance of the façade will help, to a large extent, for the client to decide access inside our business. We create facades that are a claim, a point of attention and invite you to enter, in addition to working on the interior with a service of comprehensive reforms in Madrid.

Elements to take into account in the design of the facade

The facade is the element that delimits our business from the outside, it must have a own style but that speaks of our field of business and that, at the same time, denotes personality. It is direct advertising with which we give visibility to our business.

In general, it is advisable to design the façade once the interior design is clear when making the reforms of commercial premises and all kinds of businesses. It's about doing a kind of synthesis of the interior to take it out and show it outside. Of course, in the design it is essential to take into account the constructive and formal aspects that the premises itself imposes on us.

The design should be able to expose the differentiating elements of your business. But, at the same time, it has to be focused on attracting the attention of your potential customers. For this you have to have worked before to know who your ideal client is.

As the first image, your façade has to make your business credible and manage to convey the values and main message of your project, that is, it has to fit with your philosophy. Of course, it is also important that it stands out in a differentiating way and prevents it from reminding the image of your direct competitors.

There are different types of facades:

  • Which let you see inside: In general, they stand out for the use of large windows that unite the interior with the exterior and give the sensation of transparency.
  • Which hide the inside: They are usually used especially in those businesses where customers need privacy.
  • The ones that leave one intermediate zone between the facade and the premises itself: These manage to arouse the curiosity of potential customers.

As design professionals, we will help you find the keys to reform

When ordering the design of a façade of premises or the restaurant design, you have to be realistic with the investment that can be made. You also have to make the right decisions when it comes to the materials to be used and also the colors. Both must be able to reflect the image of the brand.

He logo and company name they allow the client to know and personalize the business. The first is a hallmark of the brand, so it must be clearly visible. While the name must be readable.

The lights they should be used not only to attract attention but also to guide the gaze of the potential customer and illuminate the signs. For this pinto, a study of the corresponding regulations in your area must be carried out. The shop windows they are a fundamental part of many premises facades; This is, after all, a claim in which we show our best products.

The tickets They should be bright, warm and accessible in a way that invites you to enter. Nowadays, automatic doors that allow access in a more comfortable way are fashionable.

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