How to propose the reform of a house

As specialists in interior and exterior renovations, in Aima Studio We know that deciding to undertake the reform of a home is not easy. However, although it may seem like a chaotic process, order always ends up appearing and, without a doubt, the investment in time and money is worth it when you see the final results and begin to enjoy them. Being able to live in a house totally adapted to you and your tastes helps you feel better in the space where you spend so many hours. Today we want to give you some tips to help you when it comes to cope with the integral reform of your house or some stay.

Any reform involves an investment of money, time and emotions

When we consider starting the reform of a house, we not only look for a design more in line with our tastes but also a space optimization. It's about gaining comfort. To make it happen, first of all, we advise you to meet with our Designer Team of housing reforms in Madrid to present all your ideas and needs. A reform will imply constant decision-making.

In addition, you must be prepared because, no matter how controlled everything is, it is easy for some kind of unexpected event to arise at some point that forces you to change your plans, although we will be here to accompany you in the process. To avoid unforeseen events, we carry out a project prior to the works, in which we already carry out measurements, propose the distribution, finishes, installations and constructive solutions. Although at first it may seem that the work is delaying, this is not the case, because it is a time that is invested before beginning the reform and ensures that we carry out all the work in less time, with a much more controlled time and cost.

Of course, you must also keep in mind that any reform supposes a investment Not only economic but also temporary and emotional. Inevitably, the rest of your routine will be affected. Depending on the magnitude of the reform and your possibilities, you will have to consider whether you want to adapt a room, protecting it with plastic, to continue living in the house.

Or if, on the contrary, you can move to another place during the time that the reform lasts. We always recommend that you travel while carrying out the works at home, especially if they are comprehensive. Because it will be more comfortable and safe for you and the work can be done in less time. In any case, you should know that disorder will be your new normal while the work lasts and that it will not be easy to avoid the dust that is generated. We try to make the whole journey easier by taking care of all the coordination between project and work, trades, deadlines, purchase and delivery of materials, and even custom furniture such as the kitchen.

Beyond the final result, the reforms have many other positive things, and that is that they are a perfect moment to analyze and make other decisions, for example, get rid of everything left over. The ideal is to spend some time thinking about the things you want to get rid of, either by throwing them away, donating them or recycling them. Once you are clear about what you want to keep, you should store it in boxes, so that all items are protected and located. In this way you will keep what is most important, what you like the most, what is most functional for you and of course what you currently like the most.

It is also a good time to consider what needs you have now for your new home that you did not have before, such as a teleworking space or an area to do gymnastics or yoga.

Cómo puedes hacer la reforma de una casa de la mejor manera: consejos de organización

Connecting with the team of professionals is essential

If the comprehensive reforms in Madrid of the house is large, we advise you to temporarily rent a storage room to store your furniture and other belongings. In a comprehensive reform, the entire house is carried out and the furniture can be damaged during the work. If you don't feel like doing this job on your own, you can hire a specialized company, they will be in charge of making an inventory of your things and keeping them safe. Of course, for security, it is better that you keep your valuables, such as jewelry, watches or keys safely.

In this sense, it is interesting that you hire professionals who offer you security guarantees, that is, that they make a good impression on you.

In any case, the most important thing when considering a reform, regardless of its size, is that you arms of patience and trust professionals who will facilitate the entire process to be able to do it with the greatest enthusiasm. You will have to dedicate time to planning the project, from your needs to the type of materials that are going to be used.

As specialists in interior reforms, in the architecture studio in Madrid of Aima Studio We believe in the importance of details when designing. We carry out projects that tell a personal story, creating bright, welcoming spaces with a lot of personality, to excite and transmit sensations of well-being. Do not hesitate to choose us to make your ideas come true, it is a responsibility that we will face with all our desire and professionalism. Request your budget without obligation.

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