restaurant design

At Aima Estudio we have been dedicated to the restaurant design. Throughout these years we have developed unique and personalized projects, adapted to the needs and style of each client and each location. From the restaurant design to comprehensive reforms in Madrid, we work to create spaces with a contemporary, warm, bright and welcoming style, we attach great importance to decoration and pay special attention to details. We select the materials, we choose aesthetic and functional furniture and we define the points of light, among many other things. 

Our team assumes a new challenge in each project restaurant design. It is no longer just about reform commercial premises, but to give them their own essence and personality with a style that makes them unique. 

Because when it comes to designing a restaurant, the key is to listen to our customers and meet their needs. In this way, we guarantee that they feel connected to the new space that we are going to design. 

Regardless of whether they are places full of color, more sober, elegant, traditional or perhaps conceptual, it will be the one that best suits your ideas and identity. Creativity and previous experience are the instruments that help us make the project possible. 

Ejemplo de iluminación en el diseño de restaurantes

Restaurant design with its own personality

At present, consumers have become more demanding in all sectors, but especially in restaurants. Many have abandoned the idea of the classic place with good food and professional service to eat out, but instead seek to enjoy a multisensory experience. That is, not only at a gastronomic level but also auditory, olfactory and, of course, visual. At Aima Estudio we work in the restaurant design with the aim of giving the place character.

In it restaurant design We work combining decorative elements, furniture, lighting, background music, color palette,... creating a satisfying experience for all diners. In this sense, we put light at the service of architecture in a game of light and shadow that ends up constituting a unique atmosphere where food lovers enjoy in every way.

And it is that at Aima, we understand light as a key element when it comes to generating emotions in the user. Lighting studies help us to develop creative and innovative solutions capable of transforming any space. Vision, comfort and hard work create environments that strengthen the identity of your business. Do you have a project in mind? Do you want us to help you make it happen? Contact us and let's start playing! Textures, coverings, furniture, designs, decoration... a world of unlimited possibilities to finish giving it shape.