Design of a house

When working on the house design, whether it is a new construction or to reform, space is a key issue. Depending on the size and the elements of the architecture of the place, we will work on a project of interior design in Madrid that responds to your tastes and those of your family and, even more important, that it is comfortable for your day to day. Functionality and aesthetics merge to create a contemporary, bright place especially made for you. Because it's useless house design with good taste if it is not practical for who inhabits it. 

When carrying out decoration projects, we pay special attention to the use of colors and shapes, as well as the distribution of furniture and the type of furniture. Our principle as architecture studio in Madrid is to create personalized homes adapted to its guests. 

Thanks to the work of our team you will be able to enjoy a home specially designed for you. And it is that, a decade of work as interior designers has enabled us to analyze and make the most of any space. 

With the tastes of our clients and their way of imagining the house as a reference, we create projects that reflect their personality, without losing sight of that professional approach that sets us apart. 

The use of space and light, as well as the search for optimal decorative solutions are basic issues that add a plus to the design of your house


Work on the design of your home without dying trying

We understand that doing the house design It is not an easy task, especially if you are not familiar with interior design. Trusting professionals makes the reform project a much more bearable process, saving time and costs for you.

Count on Aima Estudio for the design of your house It means that you can continue with your day to day while your house is taking shape, without having to worry about solving problems or unforeseen events that may arise. Thus, you will avoid feeling overwhelmed with everything that the reform entails and that it becomes a real headache. The Project Manager will be your reference point on site and who will take you by the hand to define the different points of the project so that they meet your expectations.

Good planning guarantees the success of the house design. Get the home of your dreams at the hands of Aima Estudio. Are you ready? Let's start!