Mistakes to avoid in restaurant design

In the architecture and interior design studio Aima Studio we are specialists in restaurant design. For some people, customizing their restaurant design can be a slow and arduous process. but, it must be considered that it is a very profitable process because, if done well, it will attract a greater number of customers to their tables.

The best thing to do is look for interior designers who have knowledge in the field, experience, and have completed other similar projects of reforms of commercial premises, as Aima. After many years in the interior design business, we know perfectly well what works and what, unfortunately, tends not to give results, which is why we wanted to tell you about those factors that you should avoid when designing your restaurant.

A good design of your business for us must transmit emotions and your values as a brand or gastronomic service.

Do not forget about the functionality of space

The main purpose of the restaurant design is to make customers feel comfortable and, for the team, the space is functional. For this reason, one of the first mistakes is usually not taking into account the restaurant size. This is important to ensure that all furniture and equipment fit into the space, and that employees can perform their duties without hindrance. Considering the available space and planning accordingly will allow clients to feel both more welcome and comfortable, with a clean and uncluttered atmosphere.

To do this, the first thing is to make measurements and plans. This is always better to be done by a professional to help you.

Another fairly common mistake is not taking into account traffic flow. You have to make sure that customers can move freely around the restaurant without the furniture or other tables being an impediment. In the same way, it is necessary to make sure that the tables and chairs are arranged so that they do not obstruct the passage when going to the bathroom or the bar and allow the passage and service of waiters.

A fairly common mistake is not giving it due importance to lighting. This element manages to create a cozy atmosphere and allows customers to see their surroundings. It is important to make sure that it is not too bright or too dark, so that it provides a feeling of well-being. For lighting design we always carry out a study of the type of service offered and its schedule.

Another mistake you can make is not creating a good atmosphere, another key element in the design of a restaurant, since it can make the difference between a cozy space and a cold and impersonal one. The aesthetic design of the premises will help to transmit the values of your brand and make diners feel comfortable.

Errores a evitar en el diseño de restaurantes - Aima Estudio te da los mejores consejos

Attends to the needs of both clients and the team

One of the most common mistakes that restaurant owners make when designing their business is not taking into account kitchen equipment needs. The kitchen is one of the most important parts of a restaurant, since it is where the meals are prepared, and if it is not well designed, it can cause problems that affect the cooks, the times and, therefore, the customers. . Some of the common mistakes that are made when designing a restaurant kitchen are:

  • Making a kitchen too small.
  • Do not use functionality criteria.
  • Not properly equipping the kitchen.
  • Not taking into account the necessary lighting.
  • Not having fans or elements that help keep the air clean and fresh.

For this, it is best for the design team to coordinate all this with the kitchen team.

Pay attention to all the details

Another of the points that are sometimes not sufficiently taken into account in the design and that, nevertheless, is very relevant for the clients, is the bathroom design. Don't ignore this space; It is important to offer an optimal experience through decoration and colors, as well as the smallest details, to make a difference.

Finally, it is also essential don't forget the acoustics. There are many noises that can be generated in a restaurant, which is why it is important to use materials that can minimize them. A space with a lot of fuss will be a nuisance for those looking for a relaxing time or conversation.

Thanks to our knowledge and the experience with which in the study of architecture and interior design in Madrid of Aima Studio account in restaurant design, we are very aware of all the mistakes to avoid in each project and we offer you all our advice in this regard. Request your budget without compromise.

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