Exploring the renewed Art Deco style: its distinctive features and elements

In the world of design and decoration, history often resurfaces in a new and dazzling way. Styles and trends that left their mark in the past find a new opportunity by adapting their essences to the current context, managing to combine their classic charm with modern demands.

AIMA Estudio diseño de interiores art deco renovado

Renovated Art Deco style

The renewed Art Deco style is presented as a contemporary and revitalized interpretation of the classical art and design movement, of French origin that flourished in the 1920s and 1930s. Its emphasis on elegance, geometric lines and luxurious details, has resurfaced, fusing nostalgic charm with a modern aesthetic. In this reinterpretation, the characteristics that made the original Art Deco style shine find a new expression in tune with the sensibilities and needs of the current era.

Difference Between Art Deco and Art Nouveau

Although their names may sound similar to many, the Art Deco and Art Nouveau styles are two vastly different art and design movements. These styles not only emerged at different times, but present unique characteristics that distinguish them. Among them, it is possible to highlight:

  • influences: while the Art Deco style was influenced by cubism, futurism, modernity and elegance, the Art Nouveau style found its inspiration in nature, spirituality and Japonism.
  • visual style: The Art Nouveau style is based on organic forms inspired by nature, seeking a fusion between art and everyday life. On the other hand, the Art Deco style is characterized by clear geometric lines, repetitive patterns, and symmetry.
  • Color palette: These styles use different colors to express their unique essences and values. While the Art Deco style uses a palette of vibrant, contrasting hues, ranging from golds to reds, greens, and blues, Art Nouveau uses softer colors and more pastel tones, inspired by the natural hues of flowers and leaves. floors.

AIMA Estudio diseño de interiores art deco renovado

What characterizes the renewed Art Deco style?

The renewed Art Deco style is distinguished by its unmistakable elegance, precise geometric lines, streamlined shapes and luxurious details inherited from the original style. These distinctive features have been adapted to fit perfectly in the current context. In this reinterpretation, nostalgic elements are fused with a modern aesthetic, maintaining the essence of the Art Deco style, while incorporating new materials and techniques to achieve an attractive and distinctive renovation.

Materials used in Art Deco

The renewed Art Deco style experiences a fascinating contemporary reinterpretation of the materials used in its original movement. Although classic materials such as chromed metal, frosted glass and lacquered wood remain distinctive elements, this renovation has introduced new components that integrate harmoniously with the modern aesthetic. In this style, materials such as acrylic, stainless steel and high-quality recycled materials were incorporated. These new materials are combined with the traditional ones, giving rise to unique and contemporary designs that capture the essentials and harmony of the renewed Art Deco style.

Art Deco colors revamped

The color palette plays a pivotal role in this movement, highlighting vibrant, contrasting colors alongside soft tones and modern metallics. These colors not only reinvigorate the energy and sophistication of the original movement, but also add a modern twist that enriches the essence of renewed Art Deco.

AIMA Estudio diseño de interiores art deco renovado

Elements used in the Art Deco style

The Art Deco style is characterized by the presence of unique elements that add character and personality to their designs. Among the distinctive elements that define its essence, the following stand out:

  • geometric lines: Beyond its visual appearance, in the Art Deco style, lines transcend mere appearance to represent a sense of order and balance. These lines not only decorate, but also structure and harmonize each design.
  • Angular and stylized forms: these carefully selected shapes play a pivotal role in adding a sense of elegance and sophistication to spaces.
  • repeating patterns: The inclusion of repetitive patterns, such as the iconic zigzags or interlocking geometric motifs, create a sense of rhythm and movement, capturing people's attention.
  • Ornamental details: An iconic feature of the Art Deco style, ornate details give designs that classic touch of opulence.

How to decorate a space with Art Deco style?

Decorating a space in the Art Deco style means bringing the elegance and sophistication of this classic movement to a contemporary perspective. To achieve this, the following tips can be followed:

  • luxurious materials: maintain the essence of the Art Deco style with traditional materials such as chromed metal, marble, frosted glass and lacquered wood. Combine these elements with contemporary materials such as stainless steel and high-quality recycled materials.
  • Color palette: it retains the vibrant and contrasting palette of traditional Art Deco, combining it with softer, more neutral tones to strike a balance between classic and modern.
  • patterns and textures: Incorporates geometric and modern patterns in elements such as rugs, cushions and curtains. In addition, textures such as velvet and silk can be incorporated to enhance the visual richness of the space.
  • Geometric shapes and strokes: uses angular shapes and geometric lines to capture the essence of this style.
  • Symmetry: The Art Deco style values symmetry thanks to its contribution to order and harmony.

These tips are just a few ideas that you can incorporate to reflect the essence of this distinctive and unique style.

AIMA Estudio diseño de interiores art deco renovado

Renovated Art Deco specialist interior design studio

Decorating a space in the unmistakable Art Deco style can be quite a challenge. At Aima Estudio, we understand that carrying out a project that involves the combination of patterns, textures, colors and elements can be stressful if you do not have expert guidance. In our study, we assure you that you will find the support, advice and equipment necessary to achieve your project enjoying each stage of the process. Trust our expert hands to achieve the harmony and fluidity that your space deserves.

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