Ideas to have a very stylish garden

In Aima Studio we love working on it home design with a garden. Summer, especially now that it's so hot, is the perfect time to spend more time outdoors. To do this, you have to spend some time thinking about the best way to design, decorate, furnish and organize the different elements of the garden. It is about making us create a space as cozy as the interior but adding the beauty and well-being of the gardens.

When we design a garden we look for it to be one more room in the house but outside, dedicating the same care and time to your project. The goal is also to make it a functional patio or garden without sacrificing the aesthetic factor. Furniture and plants can play delimiting the different areas. You can even create dining areas or pergolas to make the most of the garden.

Nature is the great protagonist of the gardens

Talking about gardens, without a doubt, is talking about nature, that's why we understand that this should always be the main protagonist. But you also have to create spaces that allow us to relax to enjoy it and, therefore, you have to pay attention to everything that has to do with decoration.

For plants there are different options depending on the dimensions and orientation of your patio or garden, and you must take into account the maintenance that you are willing to offer your plants. There are clients who ask us for natural vegetation, including trees, others who prefer low-maintenance plants, and there are also those who opt for artificial grass and some plants with an automatic irrigation system to reduce maintenance time and water use.

There are many options and decisions that you will have to make depending on how big your garden is and, also, how the function you want to give it. From installing outdoor dining rooms, to rest areas with sofas or even mini art galleries. Choosing furniture and accessories will be one of the most interesting and fun points. From the architecture studio in Madrid from Aima estudio, we carry out landscaping projects for homes planning the entire outdoor area, including the garden, dining room, pergola or even swimming pool. And so we endow patios and gardens with different functions and areas.

You must not forget that your garden will become your private oasis, that perfect corner to relax alone or in the best company, disconnect from the worries of everyday life and try to get rid of stress by finding a haven of peace. It is also the right place to do many of your recreational activities. If there are children in the house, it is also the ideal space for their games.

It is not necessary to have a huge garden, because a space of a few meters can also get a lot of juice if you work with criteria such as spatial efficiency and functionality. The ideal is to try to find the simplest solutions that allow you to make the best use of the space you have. As the aesthetic section in this case is very important, you have to try to avoid and hide the negative views and enhance the positive ones.

You must do a light analysis that reaches your garden and, if necessary, add other light sources that can function as indirect light to promote plant growth, or direct light for structures such as pergolas or gazebos. Today, thanks to LED lights, you can achieve very beautiful and varied light effects. Lighting in a garden can change your perception completely. By installing floor spotlights or indirect wall lights, a warm and cozy atmosphere is achieved for summer nights in your garden.

Adapt each garden space to its functionality

If you have natural grass it is important that you consider installing a drip irrigation system. This will help you keep it green even when you are not at home, in addition to saving water, thus helping your pocket and the environment.

Garden furniture and other decorative elements such as textiles, blinds or hammocks can help you create a pleasant transition between inside and outside of the house. You can even play with the color combinations to either achieve a uniform space and that your entire home has a similar style, or to break the aesthetics by clearly indicating which is the outer part, making it unique.

As home design professionals, we always recommend our clients to design the garden according to your needs and preferences, but also to the characteristics of the space itself. In this sense, depending on the space, the weather and the wind, some plant species or others may be planted. You should also investigate the acoustic needs and the maintenance that the garden will need, and thus be clear from the beginning to find the best options.

Flooring areas are also an important part to take into account, there is currently a wide variety, from continuous flooring, tiles on grass, tiles on gravel or raised platform flooring. All must be non-slip for outdoor use in order to avoid accidents.

You cannot lose sight of the fact that the garden must be a space that is both changing and enduring. Depending on the surface you have available you can add different spaces to your garden, which you can differentiate through the furniture and decoration, but without losing sight of the fact that it is a whole and that, as such, it must have coherence. Plus, who says your yard has to look the same all the time? Next summer you can play with another style, after all, design is that.

As specialists in design and comprehensive reforms in Madrid, in Aima Studio We will be happy to advise you when designing your dream garden.

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