Vertical garden, a piece of nature for your home

In Aima Studio We always insist on exploiting the possibilities offered by each space, no matter how unusual they may be. And it is that, the use of space and light, as well as the search for optimal decorative solutions are basic issues that add a plus to the design of your house.

An interesting way of using the space is vertically, yes, yes, as you read it, using the wall itself. In this sense, if you lack space on the terrace, patio or inside the house, vertical gardens are a solution for decoration and design of your house that will captivate you An aesthetic resource to fill the walls with green and brighten up your terrace with vegetation and nature where there is no need for meters to exceed.

If you are thinking of giving your terrace some fresh notes in the form of vertical garden, then keep reading, because this interests you.

What is a vertical garden?

As its name indicates, it is a vertical structure that houses all kinds of plant species on the wall. Vertical gardens are the perfect way to give that green and cozy touch to your terrace, your balcony, or the place in the house that you want, without giving up having enough space for everything. And it is that, they are ideal for small terraces and patios where we seek to achieve more privacy, since they take up little space.

This is a fantastic solution to give a more natural touch to our home in the city, since its installation is possible both outdoors and indoors, even in places with little light. The size, shape and tones, you choose!

We give you below the options to make your vertical garden in your own home:

  • In you terrace, so you will have views of a small jungle even with a reduced space.
  • In you gardenAlthough there is more space, it is always a good idea to include a green wall.
  • In it inside, with or without natural light, choosing the right plants is also an option.

Jardín vertical en interiores_AIMA Estudio

A small jungle that fits on your terrace

From occupying large walls with rectangular gardens, to occupying only part of the cloth with a round design, or using a screen to avoid fixing it to the wall, there is no more or less correct shape for the design of your house, but it depends on the personal tastes of each one.

Best of all, it does not require too much care and we can take care of it ourselves without the need for a professional, especially if we choose the plants well. With one or two subscribers a year and the regular trimming of the plants will be more than enough. The selection of these will also mark the number of maintenance, since a tropical vertical garden, for example, implies more care. If in your case you want to be totally carefree, you can include preserved plants or artificial flowers. Preserved plants can only be indoors. The artificial ones, on the other hand, can be indoors and outdoors. Finally, do not forget to review the structure of the wall to which your vertical garden will be anchored. It is important that you can bear this load.

A garden full of vegetation or a small terrace where you can sunbathe are elements that make the difference between inhabiting and living a place. Or that simply improve the comfort of the home. Because it is not necessary to add new elements, many times everything is reduced to improving the existing ones. In Aima Studio, whatever the vertical garden of your dreams is like, we will bring you a piece of jungle to the terrace of the house in the design of your house.

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