Exploring minimalism: an approach to the simple and the essential

In a world where we find ourselves saturated with information and elements, the minimalist style emerges, inviting us to return to the essentials and reminding us that we don't need to have so many material things to find happiness and beauty in our spaces.

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What is the minimalist style?

Minimalism is a design approach that seeks the essence of beauty through simplicity. It seeks to eliminate the unnecessary and clear the spaces of all excess, leaving only the essential. This style has extended beyond interior design, encompassing fashion, architecture, and art. It is a conscious lifestyle that seeks calm and order, while encouraging detachment from material things.

Characteristics of the minimalist style

Minimalism is often confused with having few things, but in reality, this style goes beyond simplicity. Like all decorative styles, it has its own personality and characteristics that make it unique.. The fundamental pillars that characterize minimalism are simplicity, functionality and the absence of ornamentation. Each object used in a minimalist space must have a clear function and fulfill a defined purpose. The aim is to create an orderly and balanced environment, where each element has a meaning and contributes to conveying a sense of calm and harmony.

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Materials used in minimalism

In the search for the creation of simple and functional spaces, the choice of the materials used is essential. Among the materials used to reflect the minimalist style we can find:

  • Wood: Wood is a key element of minimalism, and is used in its natural form in light tones such as oak or birch. This element brings warmth and creates a cozy feeling in minimalist spaces.
  • Stainless Steel – For a modern look, minimalism calls for the use of stainless steel in items like appliances, lamps, and furniture.
  • Glass: By allowing light to filter through the spaces, it creates a bright and open atmosphere. It is used on tables, shelves and decorative elements in order to create a sensation of lightness and transparency.
  • Stone: it is used in countertops, floors or decorative elements to generate a sensation of elegance and solidity in spaces.

Minimalist style colors

The minimalist style is characterized by the use of neutral and soft colors. Each color fulfills a specific function and is combined with each other to highlight the beauty of the elements. Among the most representative colors of the minimalist style we can find:

  • White: it is the color that most represents minimalism and is used in order to convey purity, luminosity and spaciousness. This color is used both on walls and in furniture and textiles.
  • Grey: Soft, neutral gray tones are used to create a calm and serene atmosphere, adding depth and contrast to the space.
  • Beige – Warm, natural beige tones are used to add warmth and softness to minimalist spaces, creating a welcoming yet timeless feel.
  • Black: used in details to add contrast and elegance in spaces.

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minimalist furniture

Minimalist furniture is a fundamental part of this style, characterized by its clean lines and simple shapes. They are designed and selected with the philosophy that "less is more", seeking to merge aesthetics with functionality. Each piece has a clear purpose and avoids filling spaces with unnecessary elements, creating open environments that flow with harmonious energy. The simplicity used in minimalist furniture helps create a sense of order and balance, where each element fulfills its function without visually overloading the space.

How to create a minimalist space?

Creating a minimalist space may seem simple, but achieving the balance of simplicity that characterizes it requires attention and care. To achieve this, it is important to follow some key steps. First of all, it is essential to get rid of everything unnecessary and carefully organize the elements, leaving empty spaces that allow energy to flow freely. In addition, it is essential to choose a palette with neutral colors that manages to convey the essence of the style. It must be remembered that minimalism is both a mentality and an aesthetic, so serenity and simplicity must be sought in all aspects of life.

What is warm minimalism?

Warm minimalism is a variation of the minimalist style that seeks to balance simplicity with a cozy feeling in spaces. It is characterized by incorporating elements, colors and details that achieve a feeling of warmth and comfort.d. In the color palette, shades of beige, cream, brown and earthy tones are used to evoke a sense of calm. These neutral colors create a welcoming environment and allow other elements to stand out.

Materials such as wood, bamboo, and soft textiles such as wool, cotton, and faux fur are used to add a connection to nature. These materials provide an organic and earthly sensation in the spaces, providing the necessary sensation of comfort.

Difference Between Classic Minimalism and Warm Minimalism

Despite having the same principles, these two variants have certain aspects that differentiate them. Among the main differences between these approaches we can mention:

  • Aesthetics and Color Palette: While Classic Minimalism is characterized by a simpler, more austere aesthetic with neutral colors, Warm Minimalism incorporates warmer, earthier colors.
  • Materials: Classic Minimalism uses more modern materials like stainless steel, glass, and concrete to convey a sleek aesthetic, while Warm Minimalism incorporates natural and organic materials to add warmth and texture.
  • Furniture and shapes: unlike the classic style, warm minimalism incorporates more organic and rounded shapes in the furniture.

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