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Garden patio with pool in Madrid

Exterior and landscaping project on a plot of semi-detached single-family housing in Madrid.

The objective was to create a cozy outdoor space that conveyed the sensations of peace, relaxation and disconnection that the owners needed when they arrived at their home, they sought to create an "oasis" where they could relax and disconnect from the daily hustle and bustle. Conditioning works were carried out in the side and rear patio, incorporating a pool area, barbecue, outdoor dining areas, barbecue, lawn, solarium and pergolas that provided shade.

In order to create the image of the calm oasis that the owners were looking for, we designed a space where white, light and bright colors predominate, harmony, and simple and pure lines.  

A place to rest outdoors in your own home, an oasis with a simple, elegant and welcoming design. A project has also been developed that could be integrated with the house that has a modern and current aesthetic, with black and white finishes and straight lines.

The elements have been installed that could guarantee enjoyment of all the areas of the plot that is distributed in "L" with a rear and side patio, so that you can enjoy the pool area, solarium, outdoor dining room, outdoor seating area, grass, loose tiles and barbecue area.

In the backyard the swimming pool was placed as the main element, the solarium and the grass area. An outdoor dining and barbecue area was located in the side patio, to give the side area a use and create a circulation with the kitchen and the interior dining room that have access from the side of the house. In the backyard, another pergola with a retractable cover was placed to provide shade and rain shelter for the outdoor living area.

The fences were covered with white synthetic wood throughout the plot to give it the uniform white color environment, which provides clarity and a feeling of spaciousness and serenity, and creates a cozy ensemble in harmony with the exterior of the house. To give it a different rhythm and texture at certain points, a horizontal and vertical platform placement game has been made on the perimeter fences.

Sustainability has also been taken into account in the selection of materials. The synthetic flooring used is made of composite, composed of 50 % of valorized vegetable fibers (rice husks). In addition to the raw material, it includes different proportions of recycled components in manufacturing.

On the floor, large-format off-white porcelain ceramic was proposed in the backyard and in the pool, creating a continuous effect between the floor and the pool, so that the pool continues with the white and bright image of the entire project, enhancing with the water. On the side, the flooring was chosen a long-form white ceramic with a rough effect to give a contrast and a different character to this environment.

Loose tiles were installed on gravel in the junction between the rear patio and the side patio as a transition area between patios.

Natural vegetation is incorporated in a linear fashion in the side and rear yard along the fences in tiled factory planters and gravel bands. The vegetation in the patios has a special role in creating a biophilic environment that helps connect people with nature and helps them feel greater well-being.

The lighting has been carefully studied, incorporating indirect light sources that bathe the fences, ground lights and wall sconces to enhance the material textures and the patio vegetation.

As a final result, the house and the patio have been integrated as a single set, the house being made of black and white brick and the entire patio in different light tones, resulting in an oasis in different shades of white.