Powerplus Service Building – Vintage and industrial style in a new commercial building

Vallecas, Madrid | year 2020

The partners of a new brand of fuel stations, which already had a long history in the sector, They were looking for a powerful image for their first service building that would help them create a brand image that would stand out from the rest and be attractive and spectacular.; and trusted our study to carry out this project of commercial premises reform.

We are based on an industrial, modern and international style, with a retro and different touch. So that everything was a whole, we took the image and aesthetics of your logo as a reference to develop the project, with a vintage aesthetic and a maroon color.

The volume of the building is developed on two floors, and the materials chosen for each part of the building are differentiated, contrasting with each other: maroon-colored folded sheet metal panels on the upper part, like containers, and white limestone that covers the exterior. from the ground floor.

We wanted to achieve a modern aesthetic with current materials, but following the common thread of the vintage style. We designed a building with a lot of movement and dynamism, the facades being inclined at certain points and having added and flown elements, such as the corner of the building where the garnet container flies over the ground floor, or the covered terrace of the rest on the ground floor, which is It is made with a sloping metal roof hung from a cable structure anchored to masts.

The complex cannot be understood without the exterior pergolas over the fountains, which take center stage on the outside of the building, being large wavy surfaces that are hung from the metallic structure by means of cables that are anchored to the steel masts.

The movement of the pergolas is connected to the building, reflected in the rhythm of the first floor window openings, where some are larger, others smaller, adapting to the waves of the pergolas.

The building houses a restaurant and a shop on the ground floor, and offices on the first floor. And it has a transparent panoramic elevator to connect both floors, as well as interior and exterior stairs.