Why choose custom furniture

One of the keys so that the clients who work with our interior design and decoration studio feel satisfied is that we have not lost the enthusiasm to tackle each new project. At Aima we are passionate about the ability to design each space in a personal and unique way, making it more functional and pleasant to live or work in.

We like to give the best of ourselves in each project house design, so that each space achieves its purpose. For this, it is essential to maintain an open dialogue with the client at all times to understand their ideas, needs and tastes. We like to consider that each project is a unique story that we can narrate in our own way through the different elements of design and decoration.

The advantages of custom furniture

In this sense, each space, depending on the activity for which it is going to be used, has special needs. To this must be added the taste of customers, which governs the pursuit of beauty in every detail. Many times, we are forced to adapt to the needs of the space, something that allows us to give much more value to personalized furniture.

And it is that, although today an almost infinite variety of furniture designs can be found on the market, the vast majority of these respond to standard measurements. He custom furniture design and manufacturing allows us to adjust them to dimensions and shape of space where we want to put them.

In general, we can say that personalized furniture not only stands out for fully adapting to the client's tastes, but also for its great quality. Being custom-made, they are made with special care and attention to detail.

Personalization allows us to choose aspects as diverse as the measurements, the type of finish that you want to give them or the materials, whether they are types of wood, fabrics or others. That is, the furniture can be designed from scratch. This gives rise to another of its great advantages: a unique design.

As it seems evident, the quality of custom furniture is much higher. We are talking about furniture made to last over time. On the other hand, it is an option that, being individualized, without mass production, is more ecological and respectful with the environment. We make custom furniture both in homes and in premises. at the time of reform a flat in Madrid We carry out a previous design that we coordinate with the client and we adapt the measurements to the existing ones, offering the different possibilities of finishes and accessories. This system is more handmade and ecological, as well as exclusive.

elegir muebles personalizados es un acierto en tu vivienda

A better organization of space is possible

Custom furniture can help us take advantage of that empty space that until now had no use in our home. The small gaps that are usually left under the stairs, or between the columns and the walls, can have elements that give functionality to the room. They are also usually very useful for small rooms, so that they allow us to optimize the space in the best way, focusing on the increasingly limited storage space.

Kitchen corners are usually another of the spaces that benefit the most from this type of design, as well as open spaces, where there are no walls. Custom furniture allows us to mark a barrier between rooms if it is the desired effect.

Another of the options that we play with in our interior design and decoration studio is the furniture customization already existing. Beyond giving the space a facelift, it is an option that allows us to reuse previous elements to adapt them to the new design, giving them a renewed second life. What can also be a more sustainable and economic option, and gives different and special results.

From Aima Studio We will be happy to help you in the design and interior decoration of your home or premises and to design the furniture as you need for the most difficult spaces. Do not doubt contact us to tell us your ideas and needs with the best architecture studio in Madrid.

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