Aima estudio proyecto de vivienda en el centro de madrid

A bright home with connected spaces

This project of housing reform in Madrid It has been quite a challenge, a radical change in which absolutely everything was changed.

A young couple bought an old apartment in the center of Madrid and contacted us to help them with the renovation.

As a priority, in the house, we saw that it was a very dark house, with little light and small and compartmentalized spaces.

Therefore, from the first moment for this comprehensive reform in Madrid we wanted to design a new home with open and connected spaces to have diaphanous rooms, and above all, allow more natural light to enter the entire house.

Initially, the house had many rooms and divisions. It also had light coming in from both sides, so we decided to remove all the partitions and make a central space that would become the heart of the house, housing the kitchen, living room and dining room, all united and connected.

For enhance the entry of natural light, We enlarged the living room window, making it on the corner, and we opened the terrace to the street, which in the original layout was closed. In this way, we managed to convert that old and dark house into a very bright, modern and current home.

The new design has only two bedrooms, larger than the previous ones, and two bathrooms, which are distributed around the central area, to achieve greater privacy in these rooms.

The main room has a dressing area and private bathroom, all united and connected.