What is sensory design

As architecture and interior design studioAt AIMA Estudio we like to create unique, warm and contemporary spaces that transmit emotions. In this sense, we feel close to the new currents of sensory design. And it is that, the world of interior design does not stop evolving and looking for new ways to surprise the consumer. Exploring new materials and spaces so that all five senses are involved is a way of reconnecting with nature and, at the same time, bringing sophistication to the design.

The evolution towards sensory design

Sensory design is a revolution that has transformed our industrial and social behavior. By allowing us to connect with our entire environment, it allows us to live a deep experience of space and the environment that surrounds us, sharpening our senses.

For many centuries, the prevailing philosophical thought determined that thought was a logical process alien to the senses. This influenced all areas of existence, so that rationality was sought in the construction of spaces. Already in the s. XIX, and especially in the XX, with the development of studies on neuroscience, it was understood that thinking is an emotional process. Through the senses we capture impressions that generate emotions and affect our perception of reality.

Our perception of space is realized through the five senses, not only of sight, a sense to which we have given special preference in Western culture. There are studies that show that we remember much better what we smell than what we see. In this sense, today many designers have begun to explore the different sensitive dimensions of objects, that allow them to go much further than visual aesthetics. It is a design that improves the well-being of the user when they are in those spaces.

Through sensory design, the aim is to create spaces in which the five senses are involved, creating more emotional experiences that last longer in the memory of individuals. Closely linked to sensory design is the concept of sensory marketing that can be applied to spaces, generating different perceptions. Through sensory design, experiences that add value are created.


diseño sensorial AIMA estudio

An inclusive type of design

Sensory design allows us to establish a connection with the space that surrounds us, so that we expand our knowledge of it. The prevalence of the visual has been evolving over the last few years towards multisensoryity. The organization and the concept of time are also taken into account in this concept of interior design. The space itself is as important as the way in which people interact with it. It is about activating all the senses so that space can be perceived with the whole body.

It also becomes a inclusive design typology, since it allows each individual to access the information provided by their way of perceiving. Thus, it finds attributes recognizable by all visitors to the space, regardless of their abilities. The empathy It is one of the main characteristics of this type of design.

Beyond engineering, the type of materials and layout, other aspects such as color, texture, aroma and sound, type of light, etc. are also taken into account. Through sensory design it is possible to encourage sensory stimulation and with it the feeling of well-being, both physical and mental. Thus, inspiring examples arise such as the DeafSpace project at Gallaudet University in Washington DC, the only one in the world for deaf people. In 2009 he undertook the redesign of the campus from an inclusive and integrating perspective under the direction of the deaf architect Hansel Bauman. Or the Montevideo Friendship Park, created by Patricia Roland, Marcelo Roux and Marcelo Gastón Cuña as a public space for the development of playful activities, in which children and young people can participate regardless of their physical or cognitive abilities.

As an architecture and interior design studio, in AIMA Studio we take into account the global impact of our designs and help you achieve your goals. Whether for a reform or redistribution of space based on sensory design, or for other types of more functional designs, our professionals will advise you to offer you a quality service that meets your wishes.

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