What is interior design?

From Aima, architecture studio in Madrid, we would love to answer this question and clarify your doubts. Because we all know the word and even use it in our daily lives, but very few people really understand what the term encompasses. interior design or confuse it with other related disciplines.

An interior designer is not an interior decorator

Interior decoration is a discipline that, indeed, is part of interior design. But interior design is a much broader concept which encompasses other disciplines such as architecture, environmental psychology, graphic design, etc.

One of the definitions of interior design is this:  “the design discipline involved in the process of forming the experience of interior space, with the manipulation of the spatial volume, as well as the surface treatmenthe.”

interior design is part of the branch of design and it is directly related to architecture, although it involves many other types of knowledge, as we have already mentioned. It is, therefore, a complex discipline that encompasses both artistic-creative issues such as techniques, which straddles architecture and decoration, and which has become more complex and demanding over the years.

Although it is a complex and multidisciplinary concept, its purpose is much clearer. He interior design or interior design has as target adapt, in the most efficient way possible, the interior space inhabited by the human being to their tastes and needs. For this, it will take into account all the necessary knowledge:

  • color and emotional psychology
  • Physical and visual theories of color
  • Architectural and spatial concepts
  • Development of 3D spatial simulations
  • General conceptualization of space
  • Legal regulations regarding works
  • Etc…

The knowledge, as well as the possibilities are endless. From which it follows that the more knowledge and experience the interior design studio has, the easier it will be for them to find the most effective solutions to the needs and requirements of the client. As well as present the more satisfactory and original integral designs that match perfectly with the lifestyle and aesthetic tastes of those who have requested their services.

qué es el interiorismo

The interior designer deals with all the reform inside

To sum it up clearly: the interior designer is in charge of the total interior adaptation of the space created by the architect, that is, it deals with everything that implies an interior reform. It will deal with issues such as the distribution of spaces, the choice of materials to be used both for coverings and for separating spaces, the choice and distribution of lighting, the selection of furniture and decorative accent objects...

You do not always have to deal with the total reform of the interior space, each client can demand certain services and ignore others. But it's always a bespoke and personalized work, either commissioned by a client or a company. Therefore, the Interior design is applicable both to private homes, as well as to companies and commercial or restaurant premises, whether small or large chains.

An interior designer always analyzes the interior space in which he is going to intervene. Take into account their odds in reference to spatial volumes, perspective, orientation, lighting, acoustics, budget and space-decorative trends. And it adapts all this to the tastes and demands of the client.

A good interior design professional has to be up to date with the new trends in style and interior decoration to be able to offer an updated version to the client. As well as being aware of the best materials and furniture factories, knowing the different craft workshops and having extensive knowledge of interior design and decoration companies and stores.

In Aima, architecture studio in Madrid, we are passionate about our work and we would love for you to leave your interior reform in our expert hands. We promise to create the space you've been dreaming of for so long.

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