Union of two floors with open and bright spaces

Project and integral reform of a duplex uniting two old apartments in Embajadores – Madrid

This project of reforms of houses in Madrid consisted of join two floors creating a new home for a young couple and adapt it to their preferences and needs.

To join both floors we designed and made this spectacular flown staircase, being the heart of the new house. We proposed a new distribution in which the number of rooms was reduced, each having more surface area and spaciousness, being open and diaphanous spaces with more light throughout the house.

we made a kitchen connected to the living room in an open concept. And we provide a mobile partition through sliding doors to the main room of the living room, being a multipurpose room.

Lighting was one of the priorities in this project, being carried out by means of indirect lights throughout the house.

In this case we carry out the project of interior design in Madrid, the technical project and the integral reform.