Reform your chalet to make it more sustainable

The reform of your villa in Madrid, or anywhere else, is synonymous with decision making. Choosing the color palette, the furniture, the materials... and, already involved in reforms, many people bet on incorporating sustainable solutions in the domestic sphere. Now we give more importance to the need to live in spaces that are equally healthy and comfortable. Sustainability, the use of natural materials, free of toxins and recyclable elements, is making great strides in many sectors and also in our homes.

Some solutions are as simple as opting for ecological paints for the walls of the home, choosing materials solid surface , ecological due to its low emission in manufacturing, or incorporating a garden on your roof that reduces carbon dioxide emissions, to renewable energies for self-consumption of electricity, heating or water.

In Aima Studio We tell you what sustainable elements to incorporate in the renovation of your home in Madrid in order to make it a sustainable home.

Sustainable solutions for your next reform

As we told you, there are a multitude of solutions so that the result of the reform of your villa in Madrid is a sustainable home as well as functional.

  • Wear respectful materials with the environment such as ecological paints, second-hand furniture, ecological fabrics, recycled wood, etc. And it is that, in AIMA Estudio we decorate with as much taste as imagination.

  • Choose led technology and household appliances that reduce consumption and increase the comfort of its inhabitants.

  • Promote the use of renewable energy. For example, resorting to solar energy makes it possible to produce electricity for self-consumption, which implies a reduction in the electricity bill of up to 50%. Currently there are alternatives such as aerothermal energy for the production of domestic hot water and air conditioning. The advantages of aerothermal energy is that it is a technology that does not pollute, significantly reduces CO2 emissions and is highly profitable, resulting in savings of up to 75% on the electricity bill.

  • Pay attention to insulation thermal and acoustic, avoids extra consumption of heating. uses ECO air conditioning to cool off in summer, saving up to 30% on your consumption. Install doors and windows with sufficient thermal insulation, which can be made of PVC or aluminum with a thermal break.

  • Control the use of water through the use of mechanisms such as aerators in faucets.

  • Taking advantage of natural resources by providing or improving natural cross ventilation in the home, carrying out a solar study in the home to use heat or installing elements that provide shade, always works to improve energy performance and comfort in a natural ecological way. The so-called bioclimatic architecture.

Afrontar una reforma sostenible con AIMA Estudio

Facing a sustainable reform with AIMA Estudio

Although at first it may seem that carrying out a reform with natural materials, low-consumption appliances or renewable energy implies a greater outlay, the benefits materialize in the long term. Not only economic benefits in terms of savings in energy expenditure, for example, but also on people's health. Sustainable homes become an investment for the future, providing economic savings and health and well-being benefits.

If the reform work of your villa in Madrid involves pulling and building from scratch, we can work from the same walls with more sustainable options. However, the most normal thing is that this is not your case. But, there are also small-scale options that can improve our environmental impact. Some of them are:

  • placement of double glazed windows and profiles with thermal break. Installation of low consumption light bulbs, LEDs, oriented to the reduced energy demand.

  • Installation of systems control of water flow and installation of aerators in faucets. Installation of solar panels to guarantee self-sufficiency and effective consumption control. Installation of an aerothermal system to reduce CO2 emissions and energy consumption. This technology is compatible with underfloor heating and with some air conditioning systems.

  • Selection of natural materials as wood for the floor or cork as insulation, or stone for countertops.

  • Vintage decorative elements and timeless classics.

At AIMA Estudio we adapt the reform of your chalet in Madrid to the client's total budget, focusing design towards sustainability and looking for creative and accessible solutions. Because taking care of the planet does not have to be at odds with style, much less with your pocket. ohcontact us and let's start building the home of your dreams!


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