Games of color, light and storage for a home with children

Design project and integral reform of an apartment in Vicálvaro – Madrid

In the Integral reform of this apartment for a family with children we provide solutions that could give more space to the kitchen , with touches of bright and cheerful colors and larger storage areas, always necessary.

The owners needed to expand certain rooms, such as the kitchen, and they needed more storage spaces.

Also touches of warmth and color were incorporated into your home design, according to your family, that will express your personal tastes and your way of living.

We expanded the kitchen by incorporating a window that communicates with the living room and we designed all the kitchen furniture along with the finishes, providing the entire room with cheerful and bright colors.

In the main bedroom, a dressing room designed and manufactured by the study was incorporated in light colors and wood.

And the bathrooms were renovated incorporating colorful finishes in keeping with the rest of the house.

We perform project of Interior designs and the comprehensive reform of the entire home changing floors, finishes and doors.