Comprehensive reforms in Madrid

In the comprehensive reforms in Madrid We found the perfect time to redesign certain rooms in our home. They are a new opportunity to think about spaces and gain both aesthetics and functionality. There are a multitude of styles, materials and ideas, but at Aima Estudio we always attend to the tastes and needs of our clients, creating spaces fully adapted to those who inhabit it, so that they feel comfortable in what will be their new home.

within the comprehensive reforms in Madrid there are as many options as you can imagine to get the most out of the different elements. Therefore, before starting the project, it is essential to sit down and talk to better understand the tastes and needs of each client, as well as the place to be renovated. 

In this phase of analysis we seek to achieve a balance between aesthetics and functionality, to then present the first ideas about possible distributions and finishes. 

The idea is to go hand in hand until the interior design project begins, in which we will define such important issues as the furniture, the lighting study and other details. 

To facilitate decision-making, we work with 3D images so that you can get an idea of what the final result will be and not make a mistake in choosing the color palette, coverings, etc. Always looking for options that suit the marked budget, of course.

Reforma de piso en Madrid

At the time of beginning the works of the comprehensive reforms in Madrid, from Aima we take care of everything to guarantee a perfect execution. As construction managers we manage the hiring of all trades, the ordering of materials, furniture and placement. Having experienced professionals allows you to save time and avoid possible unforeseen events.

Aima Estudio, specialists in comprehensive reforms in Madrid

With a decade of experience running comprehensive reforms in Madrid, our multidisciplinary team of professionals stands out for its special customer service. Having a Project Manager is a way to ensure the success of the renovation of your home in Madrid.

Thanks to their skills, they will never forget the importance of maintaining direct and open communication with you as a client, so that you always know how the project is going and can actively participate in it. In addition, in case of doubt or if you do not like something, you will always know who you can contact. And it is that, we understand that listening to our clients is fundamental to be able to make the housing reform in Madrid according to your needs.

In the comprehensive reforms in Madrid We adapt to both your needs and your budget and we try to make your ideas come true. Your home will have a personal and unique touch thanks to our reform, you will feel that it really is the home you have dreamed of. 

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*Importante: esto es un estudio de diseño y proyectos llave en mano por lo que si quieres solicitar empleo escríbenos directamente a Gracias.