Commercial premises reforms

Thinking of giving your local a makeover? Do you need help to shape the place where you are going to open your new business? At Aima Estudio we are specialists in commercial premises reforms and restaurant design, as well as comprehensive reforms in Madrid, or any other point in the community. Our team has been giving the definitive boost to hundreds of entrepreneurs and owners who want their store, premises or restaurant to be a space with its own character for more than a decade. 

in all reforms of commercial premises At Aima Estudio we work by combining the architecture of the place with interior design elements such as furniture, lighting and other decorative pieces that will end up giving shape to the space. 

Vision, comfort and hard work create environments that strengthen the identity of your business. And it is that, more and more people seek to live new experiences in their daily chores. 

From a simple, bright and pleasant space where shopping becomes entertainment, to a restaurant capable of arousing new emotions, and not only on your palate.


Natural textures, contrasting lights and shadows, an appropriate color palette and a careful selection and arrangement of the different elements in the reforms of commercial premises they create a pleasant environment for the user who flees from the typical topic.

Reforms of commercial premises for a unique experience

The premises reforms trading is not an easy task. Therefore, the ideal is to have the help of professionals capable of advising you throughout the entire process. And it is that, unlike the house design particular, the restaurant design and commercial premises must respond both to the tastes of the owner, and to the needs of who is going to visit them. Combining both parts to create the ideal place for clients and which, in turn, reflects the personality of who runs it, is a task designed for our team.

At Aima Estudio we love to improve ourselves. For this reason, we assume reforms of commercial premises like a new challenge. A new opportunity to do something unique and special adapted to the current concept. To achieve the perfect balance between functionality and good taste, we begin by defining the appropriate distribution for the space according to the type of business. Later, we will carry out a 3D viewing of how the reform would look, and then move on to the purchase of materials, furniture and other decorative elements.

As you can see, in our study everything is under control so that you do not make a mistake in your choice. And it is that, a good project will ensure you obtain the place with which you had dreamed, which adapts to the needs of your business and the expectations of your clients. 

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*Importante: esto es un estudio de diseño y proyectos llave en mano por lo que si quieres solicitar empleo escríbenos directamente a Gracias.