Williamsburg Restaurant

Restaurant design in San Sebastian de los Reyes

Renovation of the premises of this grill restaurant in San Sebastián de los Reyes in this project of reform of commercial premises.

A modern atmosphere at the same time cozy, with a surprising decoration.

WILLIAMSBURG Restaurant San Sebastian de los Reyes

  • Project: Restaurant "WILLIAMSBURG" San Sebastián de los Reyes
  • Opening: January 2023
  • Location: Plaza de Concha Espina 1, San Sebastian de los Reyes
  • Builded surface: 186 m²
  • Projects of design, reform, furniture and decoration:  Aima Studio
  • Photo report: 
  • Photo report:  Studio Light


In the second Williamsburg restaurant, the design continues to represent the life, the street spirit, the urban culture and the artistic freedom of the New York neighborhood that bears his name.

For this second project we also included representative elements of the streets, the neighborhood and urban life following the lines of the first.

We continue with the street and urban aesthetics, including urban art in the form of various graffiti on the premises, this time dealing with an old man, scenes of arms and hands, representations that bring the premises closer to the people, to the public.

Vivid colors continue throughout the design, representing the energy, vitality and rebellious spirit of Williamsburg. Certain decorative elements are reinterpreted, such as the mural of recycled drawers designed and made by ourselves, this time including lighting.

Neon elements are also repeated with messages, such as his signature “Welcome to the Will's Side”, and metal billboards on brick walls as street billboard elements.

On the floor this time we have used porcelain ceramic material in pink and greenish grey, to give more vibrancy and color to the place.

As for the furniture, it has different colors and designs following the street, rebellious and alternative aesthetic. In this case we repeat the installation and manufacture of the skate swings that were designed exclusively for the Williamsburg restaurant by the studio and handcrafted by ourselves.

The ceilings, as in the first one, leave the structure completely visible, to which acoustic panels in metallic meshes of the same color range as the rest of the premises are added to improve the acoustics of the premises.

As in the first store, the project was born from the search for an original, daring and different space that offered a new experience to users, making them feel the street life of Brooklyn.