Revaluation of the craft

When redecorating a flat, one of the most personal and effective decorative interventions is the incorporation of handcrafted objects. In it interior design, work with handmade elements such as macramé, wicker, wood, ceramics, fabrics, etc. They multiply the decorative possibilities due to their unlimited designs and their careful workmanship.

Give back value to tradition

The craft embodies values such as the natural, the traditional, the unique, the manual, the made with care, the personal... Aspects increasingly valued in recent years, as a response to the industrialized, fast and impersonal world in which we live.

We are witnessing a change in social values, where a calm, slower life is sought, more in contact with nature. Trades that were previously undervalued are being recovered, and the public is demanding those handcrafted pieces.

This enormous demand for crafts, coupled with globalization, has given rise to an infinite number of artisans. Each one is creating, with their good work and creativity, infinite designs of very different styles and materials.

revalorización de lo artesanal
Photography: Light Studio @luzestudio; Author sheet: Nekane Jimenez @nek.ane; Gallery: @lapeceramercadodearte

Using handmade materials to make a unique space

He macrame It is a handmade fabric with thick threads or ropes that are braided or knotted, forming very characteristic structures.. It allows you to give a rustic, warm and bohemian touch to any room.

In bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens and even terraces, we can integrate it in the form of wall hangings, lamps, flower pots, screens and we will even see it in small objects such as sailboats, cushions, etc. Its enormous versatility allows us to incorporate it into almost any object or structure.

The ceramics It is another of the materials that will give us the most play when it comes to decorating interiors. We usually see it in objects such as vases, tableware and flower pots. Handmade ceramic floors are also a highly valued option in recent years.

Its multiple finishes, shapes and colors make it ideal for accentuating a place or marking a certain decorative style. Especially suitable for creating very Nordic, Zen or Mediterranean environments.

He wicker It is another of the most demanded natural materials in all kinds of seats: armchairs, rocking chairs, dining chairs, swings... But we can incorporate it into objects as different as small tables, chests, mirrors, screens, lamps. Almost any object can be made in this material. Ideal on terraces and reading corners.

The wood It may be the most off-road material of all. It is a noble, timeless material that gives a lot of warmth to environments. We can find it as part of the furniture in the room, in small or large objects, even in the crockery.

The enormous variety of designs and types of wood make them almost essential in any design style, from the most classic, through Nordic minimalism or the most rustic styles. Perhaps it is also where you can find a greater variety of artisans and more customizable projects.

The location Appropriate and the use of each of these materials will be essential to achieve the effect we want in our space. A unique piece, even valuable, can go from becoming a Focal point, to be part of a meaningless horror vacui.

Therefore, since Aima Studio, we put all our professional rigor and know-how to achieve reflect the style you want in your home or in your premises. Make each piece have meaning, while we create focal points that add value to the design.

Our goal is to make your design something remarkable and totally personal with which you feel proud and identified. We are specialists in interior design and we work in Madrid and surrounding provinces. Do not hesitate to call us to ask us about your idea or project, we will be happy to advise you.

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