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Cómo usar los colores en los espacios interiores

How to use colors in interior spaces

At Aima Estudio, we carry out many comprehensive reforms in Madrid, always looking to get the best out of the space while enhancing the uniqueness of our clients. A creative and strategic use of color helps us achieve both objectives. And it is that the use of colors in interior spaces, for an interior designer, is something

revalorización de lo artesanal

Revaluation of the craft

When redecorating a flat, one of the most personal and effective decorative interventions is the incorporation of handcrafted objects. In interior design, working with handcrafted elements such as macramé, wicker, wood, ceramics, fabrics, etc. They multiply the decorative possibilities due to their unlimited designs and their careful workmanship.

la senda 1

Biophilic design: the relationship between architecture and nature

Biophilic design has been increasing in popularity in recent years in response to the need to build buildings that are healthier and more sustainable for their occupants. In this article, we will explore the key aspects of this relationship between architecture and nature, and how this type of design can improve the quality of life.


Bioclimatic architecture

As an architecture studio in Madrid, with a team specialized in interior design in Madrid, at Aima Estudio we are increasingly aware of the sustainability of our projects. Caring for the environment goes through the search for the use of sustainable materials and energy savings. And these are the main ones

diseño sensorial AIMA estudio

What is sensory design

As an architecture and interior design studio, at AIMA Estudio we like to create unique, warm and contemporary spaces that convey emotions. In this sense, we feel close to the new currents of sensory design. And it is that, the world of interior design does not stop evolving and looking for new ways to surprise


How to design the facades of the premises

Aima Estudio is an architecture and interior design studio specialized in designing spaces paying attention to detail, which is what makes the difference. We are experts in designing unique spaces with their own personality, something that is reflected both inside and on the façade of each of our projects. Forks


Types of windows and bay windows

As an architecture and interior design studio in Madrid, one of the most common reforms that we undertake from Aima Estudio in houses and premises is the change of windows and large windows. It is easy that at some point we will be forced to replace our old windows. Today's offer is so varied that


How to approach the reform of your premises

At Aima Estudio we are specialists in the reform of commercial premises. We like to create fully personalized spaces designed exclusively from start to finish. In our study we are interested in the history of your business to create a space that transmits the sensations and philosophy of your business or idea so that


Mistakes to avoid in restaurant design

At the architecture and interior design studio Aima Estudio we are specialists in restaurant design. For some people, customizing their restaurant design can be a slow and arduous process. but, it must be considered that it is a very profitable process because, if it is done well, it will attract a greater number of


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