A lighting study so that your house shines with its own light

The lightning It is a key factor in generating the desired environment and well-being in the spaces of your home. Light is one of the most important aspects in interior design in Madrid and, of course, anywhere else. In turn, this is one of the most complex parts, since not all spaces need the same lighting, even within each room, there will be points with different types of light.

And it is that, we will not need the same light to watch television as the one we would need to eat, for example. In this sense, in any reform it is crucial plan light points according to these needs so that they are always versatile and, above all, functional spaces.

Of course you have to do a study of natural lighting as the first step of the house design. Trying to make the most of resources, avoiding obstacles, opening holes, even using colors or materials that reflect light.

To get warm lighting, the first thing you should do is check the power of the bulbs and the color of the light. Leave the cold light for rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms, in the rest it is better to choose warmer lights.


types of lighting

In a Lighting studio focused on the artificial lighting that articulates a home, we can differentiate between:

  • general light, we could say that it is the base of all environment. In this, elements such as oculi or ceiling lamps are used that allow a comfortable vision of the room as a whole.
  • functional light, focuses on specific points of the stay. It is used to give prominence to a decorative element or to respond to a need, such as a lamp on a bedside table for reading. Table lamps, LEDs and spotlights work very well in these cases.
  • ambient lightUnlike the previous two, this lighting is merely decorative, helping to create unique environments. In spaces where design prevails over functionality, such as commercial premises or restaurants, hanging lamps, floor lights and the game of hot-cold tones will be the real protagonists.

If you want warm lighting, it is preferable that you choose lamps that give indirect light. forget about halogens.

Un estudio de iluminación para que tu casa brille con luz propia
Duplex reform in Embajadores, Madrid by Aima Estudio


Elements to take into account in a lighting study

In our architecture studio in Madrid We attend not only to the needs of the home, but also to the needs of those who inhabit it, as this will have a direct impact on the functionality and energy savings of the house. Choosing the right lighting, low consumption and placing it in the exact place, will be a commitment to savings and sustainability. In this sense, we recommend invest in technology, LED lighting is not only a much more aesthetic option, but also represents an investment in energy efficiency.

Although by now you may have realized, natural light has no competition and, for this reason, it is so important that a lighting study be carried out by experienced professionals and that they always avoid the creation of unsightly shadows. From Aima Studio, we will help you get the most out of the exterior windows by combining artificial lighting and natural light with warm colors to finish enhancing it. Integrating, of course, the decorative elements into the lighting of the room itself, so that everything as a whole gives the space personality and creates the right atmosphere.

Now tell us! Have you ever considered how important the lighting item could be in the interior design in Madrid?

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