A world in bulk

Alarcon Pozuelo | Year 2015

In 2015, the partners of "Un Mundo a Granel" were visionaries from Madrid who had the idea of opening a store of organic products, now extended, and they entrusted us with the task of making their business idea a reality in this project of commercial premises reform.

Our main inspiration was the natural and ecological products themselves: Cereals, legumes and rice inspired us to create the ideal color palette for this store.

The beige color and the brown of cereals and legumes served as a backdrop for the furniture with a metallic structure covered with panels of recycled OSB boards.

Natural and ecological materials that did not create an environmental impact were used, using wood and OSB for the most part. The furniture was designed entirely by our studio, seeking to give greater prominence to the exhibition and sale of the product.

In addition, the bags that contain the product are placed strategically and carefully.

The "Un Mundo a Granel" brand and stores have spread throughout the country and we continue to be in charge of their design and project management. comprehensive reforms for each of them.