Use of color in interiors and architecture: what you should take into account

The color that we perceive in objects does not exist as such, it is actually the reflection or absorption of natural or artificial light that exists in the environment. The light that could not be absorbed by its surface is the color we see.

We, when focusing a project of interior design in Madrid, we think it is very important to take into account the use of color. The spaces transmit sensations and we like to create well-being environments in which users can enjoy the experience in accordance with the project we are developing. The design of a space is greatly affected by color, depending on the tone used, very different results can be achieved. In addition, color influences our mood and it is very important to pay attention to it. For this reason, we want to tell you the guidelines to know the different applications of color in interiors and in architecture.

Qué debemos tener en cuenta al elegir el color del interior de nuestra vivienda
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How important is color in architecture?

Surely more than once it has happened to you that you remember a space or a house because of the feeling it gave you; and sometimes it is a good and pleasant emotion; and in others, quite the opposite. This happens because color and how we perceive it, is paired with sensations and directly influences our mood. Due to this, it is very important to take it into account in the architecture and the home design, for us it is essential in any project we carry out. Besides, colors also serve to create light, a resource that we use a lot in Aima estudio.

What should we take into account when choosing the color of the interior of our home

After what we have just told you, you may be wondering what you should keep in mind when choosing the color for the rooms in your home. Well, according to our experience, we recommend that you follow the following steps to get a cozy, warm and comfortable house.

Cuándo usar colores claros
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First of all, you have to see the available natural light and the number of windows you have in each space. This will be decisive in opting for a lighter or darker color. If, in general, in your home, natural light is scarce, you do not have many windows, or the ones you do have are not large, the best option will be to avoid exciting colors and choose colors that bring calm. If, on the contrary, you have many windows and light, you can use bright colors.

We really like to use them in certain decorative elements or strategic points, especially when we are looking for an effect that the project requires or to highlight an area.

What is the best color for my home?

To choose the best color for your house, you must take into account the decoration you have so that everything is a set and follows a common line. We always seek that all our projects have coherence and that both the interior design, decoration and color are coordinated. We recommend that you bet on choosing a neutral color such as white, gray or ecru tones in the large pieces of the rooms.

They are colors that are not visually tiring and are also easy to combine with other decorative elements, so you will get the best result if you want to introduce certain touches of color. You can play so that everything is in the same tone or create contrasts using brighter and more cheerful colors.

When to wear light colors?

Uso del color en interiores y arquitectura
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In the studio we give great importance to light in our projects and we like to prioritize the use of light colors, especially in homes with little natural light, since it helps to give amplitude, especially in small spaces. For this reason, we believe that prioritizing light tones such as white, sand, beige or light gray in your spaces will help you easily combine it with other tones and colors. In spaces like the kitchen, light colors work well, since they are rooms for common use that do not usually have a lot of light. You can also give them a touch of color in the furniture or even in the tiles to achieve a different and attractive effect.

When to wear dark colors?

As a general rule, we consider that In a home, dark colors should be avoided on large surfaces. We must choose them carefully to achieve the result we seek. We like to add vitamin colors in our projects because they bring sensations and give vitality and energy. The best way to do it is always combining them with light colors and reserving them for very specific walls or corners.

This solution is very attractive, and as we say, it can look great if it is done judiciously. Yes indeed, For small rooms it is very important to avoid very striking colorss on walls, it is better to use them in decorative elements or even in patterns.

Cómo elegir el color más adecuado para tu vivienda o local
Project and integral reform of a duplex uniting two old apartments in Embajadores

In addition, depending on the color temperature, different finishes and sensations can be achieved. warm colors such as yellow, orange, red or pink are the ones that most attract attention, they bring warmth, luminosity and joy to the space, since they they are stimulating tones. However, cold colors such as blue, green or purple are used to create calm, serene and relaxed environments, they are perfect for bedrooms and cool spaces.

On the other hand, the use of color in the premises is totally different, since in these cases, the idea is to create a brand image that attracts the public's attention and is easily recognizable. For this, we we use bright, energetic and lively colors that add personality. In addition, the use of these colors in commercial spaces does not cause visual fatigue because we spend little time in them.

Tricks to choose the best color for your home

In short, the best tips and tricks for choosing the best color for your home are:

  • Take into account natural light.
  • Pay attention to the size of the house or room where we are going to intervene.
  •  Choose colors that do not cause visual fatigue, prioritizing light colors, providing greater luminosity and a feeling of spaciousness.
Trucos para elegir el mejor color para tu vivienda
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A good design is essential to be able to enjoy the spaces, and more in our own home. As we have taught you, color is one of the basic ingredients to achieve a pleasant, cozy and easy-to-inhabit space. A bad choice can have consequences such as visual fatigue, something that would not make us feel comfortable in a space; or the poor use of a space, taking away visual amplitude, something that is easy to avoid by following our recommendations.

If you want to choose the perfect color and get the best possibilities for your home, we advise you to contact a professional if you want to make a comprehensive reform in Madrid. From Aima estudio we will help you achieve the best version of your home. We like to create environments that convey a feeling of well-being and that have character and personality.

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