Lots of light and open spaces for a cozy apartment

Project and comprehensive reform of housing in Las Tablas, Madrid

In this project of comprehensive reform in Madrid our priorities were unite spaces making them larger and more diaphanous, expand rooms and provide the entire home with more light and brightness, creating a home according to the tastes, needs and way of life of the family that lives in this spectacular apartment.

To do this, we joined the living room area with the dining room by pulling partitions, and we replaced the partition between the living room and corridor with a glass division with steel profiles, so that a large room was created visually communicated with the hall through the glass division, element that brings personality and lots of light.

We also expanded the kitchen and designed it in light tones, changing its furniture and lighting distribution.

For the rest of the house Floors, doors and finishes were chosen in shades that provided the greatest amount of light. Custom furniture was designed for the project in the office and kitchen.

in this project We carry out the interior design project, the integral reform, and custom furniture of various rooms to finish the house with all the details according to the general design of the house.